Year 6

We are so proud of how hard our year 6 pupils have worked over the last two years in all of their subjects. The KS2 SATs assessments at Oakfield are a mid-point assessment on their educational journey and provide us with some helpful information about the learning our pupils are secure with and what we need to do next to support. Below are the overall results for our 2018/19 year 6 cohort and explanations about the results can be found here and on the links at the bottom of the page. Due to Covid 19 2019/2020 SATS did not take place.

Year 8

Throughout their time at Oakfield Academy our year 8s have continually challenged themselves across all their subject areas safe in the knowledge that they can assess and reflect on their progress at various points of the year. These assessments would allow them to understand maybe their starting point, their overall goal or just how wide the gap is between what they have learnt and what they would like to learn more about. Sometimes these assessments may take the form of a formal examination and in May our year 8s took their externally marked assessment in English and Maths. Not only have these results allowed us to communicate back to them their success and areas for development but the results will also be shared with their next schools so they can build a better picture of the pupils they will be meeting.

Below are the overall results for our 2018/19 year 8 cohort and an explanation about the results can be found on the links at the bottom of the page.

Assessment Guides

DFE Performance Table: This is where you will find more information regarding progress made between key stages and a breakdown of those achieving greater depth at Key Stage 2