Oakfield Academy Vision

Oakfield Vision Wordle Oak tree burgundy(ish) (2)Oakfield Academy is focused upon the well- being and education of the young people in our community.

Our aim is to enable every pupil at the Academy to achieve their full academic potential, to nurture and encourage each of them to become a well-rounded person with a lifelong love of learning, able to build positive relationships and be a happy, confident member of the community.

We know that we live in a world that is changing rapidly and our pupils need to be equipped with the skills for life.  Literacy and numeracy are the core of these skills.  Our pupils must also have resilience, adaptability and creativity.

The staff and governors of Oakfield Academy will strive to work with pupils and their parents in providing an outstanding educational experience to achieve our aim. We believe that a happy and healthy environment, encouraging hard work and independence, is the right of every child.