Oakfield Academy promotes and supports the well being and safety of all pupils:

Our Pastoral Team: Mrs Emma Thomas & Ms Lesley Peat – DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mrs Nicola Applegate – DDSL,  Mrs Zoe McAlpine – Pupil support worker,  Mrs Jane Richards  – Frome Learning Partnership TAS Co-ordinator. Mr Mark Barber - Partoral Care Mentor.

We focus on positive behaviour  and offer pupils support and guidance to address any issues which may affect them.  This support may also be used by parents through our FLW and PFSA workers.

Heads of Year

Key stage 2 – Year 5 Ms Ellie Green, Year 6  Mrs Phillipa Nightingale

Key stage 3 – Year 7 Mrs Rachel Gardner,  Year 8 Ms Lesley Peat

Safeguarding & Child Protection

We deliver (Personal & Social Health Education) PSHE activities during tutor time, assemblies and enrichment afternoons.

My Family Coach

This is a free resource which empowers parents & carers with information they need to understand their children's behaviour. It is full of support for families, please click here to register. My Family Coach

Mental health/Wellbeing toolkit

How to Protect Your Children on Their Smartphone – TigerMobiles.com

Nude Selfies- What Parents & Carers need to know now .

This is film 1 of 4 from the NCA-CEOP Command’s Thinkuknow education programme’s new resource called ‘Nude Selfies- What Parents and Carers Need to Know’. Film 1 helps parents and carers understand the reasons why young people create and share nude or nearly nude images.




Oakfield provides the following in terms of pastoral care:

  • a happy and secure educational environment, based on respect and trust.
  • the recognition that each child is an individual and that development will occur at different rates, at different times and in different ways for each pupil.
  • an education and enrichment designed to arouse curiosity and develop initiative self-reliance and acceptance of responsibility.
  • a tailor made response to the potential of each pupil and encouragement towards all pupils forming positive relationships.
  • the fostering of positive social and moral attitudes.

Oakfield parents can support their child’s education by:  

  • encouraging self-discipline and setting clear boundaries at home.
  • regularly offering to help with homework or revision and by regularly checking the pupil journal.
  • progressing a particular interest shown by your child.  (Let the academy know in case we can support you with this.)
  • praising your child for good work or behaviour at home and at school.
  • letting your child know you are available to talk.
  • ensuring you attend parents evenings and honour any agreement, made with the school, to support your child’s progress.
  • keeping us informed of any circumstances which could affect your child’s progress or general well being in school.
  • ensure you monitor your child’s internet use to protect their safety.

By working with us to fully support your child’s education, you maximise the chances of your child realising their full potential and enjoying a successful life.