By participating in exciting and interactive experiments, Oakfield pupils are able to develop a keen scientific interest. 

KS2 Science Teachers: 

Mrs Catrina Cross, Mrs Rachel Gardner, & Mr Nick Ward

KS3 Science Teachers: 

Miss Helen Curtis & Mr Curtis Shaddick

Science Technician & KS3 Science Teaching Assistant: 

Joanne Barnes

Curriculum Team Leader:  KS3 (Years 7 & 8) Mrs Kate Stewart


  • To enjoy Science.
  • Promoting that it is fine to get things wrong as long as we do this safely and learn from our mistakes.
  • Understanding of key concepts to help solve problems in unfamiliar situations.
  • Using scientific skills to solve problems in a disciplined way.
  • Appreciating the contribution Science makes to society and realise that applying Science can lead to moral and ethical issues having to be addressed.

In Key Stage 2 children are taught Science in their tutor groups and most lessons take place in their Year Block. All Key Stage 3 lessons are taught in spacious, well-equipped laboratories.

The skills of Science are taught during each topic. Our students learn how to be scientists by developing skills in predicting, planning investigations, measuring, observing, recording results, displaying results, analysing results and evaluating the success of their investigations.

The Science Department has strong links with Frome College. We are currently adapting and improving our schemes of learning to ensure that our students continue to have an excellent grounding in Science concepts and skills.

Science Department Raising Attainment Plan 

The Raising Attainment Plan is the development plan for the Science Department. It is a pupil-friendly method of raising attainment in Science skills using coloured tabs. For the past two academic years it has been used in KS3. It was introduced in KS2 during the 2017-18 Academic Year so that a whole-school system can be used to raise attainment in the essential Science skills.

Science Documents